Setting Up a Legal Conference Call 

Hi, my name is Christine and I’m a legal secretary and work for a small  law firm.

My boss had asked me to set up a conference call.  She, and the opposing attorney, along with the judge in the case, wanted to conference the next day, so I had to figure out what to do quickly.

I started searching and Googled “legal conference call.”  In a few seconds, I found what I was looking for near the top of the page.  Could it be this easy?

I clicked through to the 24Conference site and everything was so easy to understand.  I clicked on the green “Sign Up Now” button and chose the dial-in option.  You can click below to  see it.

I was glad to see we could use the same call-in number and passcodes for future conferences as well.  There was no set-up fee and we only pay for the time we use.  Better yet, we can use it 24/7.

My boss told me the conference call was a success, the quality was great, and everything went off without a hitch.

She even came over and asked me how I found 24Conference and was pretty surprised to see how easy it was to set-up.

That’s my story.  Nothing complicated.  Nothing elaborate.  Just a quick peek at what I do to help make our law firm  run smoothly.

Thank you, 24Conference!  We’ll be using your services again and again.