6-Person Conference Call is Easy Set-Up

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6-Person Conference Call is Easy Set-Up

6 person conference callDo you have a 6-person conference call coming up quick? No problem. You can get your conference call-in number and passcodes in the next 2 minutes by going to our Instant Activation page here.

Once you submit the form, you’ll get an immediate email that will confirm you’re all set up. Just have everyone call the toll-free number and enter their passcode followed by the # sign, and you’re good to go. Your conference line will be always-on and available in the future too whenever you need it. There is no set up charge, or monthly minimums and you are only charged for the time you use, no more or less. It’s the perfect solution to getting 6 people on the phone at the same time to discuss your latest project or case. Your conference service will be able to accommodate anywhere from 3 to 100 people, so having 6 people on the line will never be an issue.

There are thousands of reasons you may need to have a conference call. Here are just a few:

— Project management with team and subcontractors
— Client presentation follow up with multiple members of the same organization
— Company updates, goal setting, new policies, or other organizational announcements
— Team performance reviews or feedback
— Negotiating a contract between more than a few parties, or involving two larger organizations with multiple individuals representing the company.

Despite fancy video conferencing, many people prefer a basic “old fashioned” phone conference

Even if your clients, team, or subcontractors are in the same city or geographical area, you will still need teleconferencing services in these tumultuous times. The pandemic is keeping most people at home, with employees working remotely in most cases. The best way to have communications for 6-person calls or more is to use a phone conferencing service.

There are some other options for holding virtual meetings today, with most of them offering video conferencing. There are a few problems with these apps. First, many of these apps have been developed just recently and there are security issues.

Second, these apps are sometimes rather difficult to set up. There is a complicated setup for everyone, whether you are a presenter or an attendee. In addition, everyone that attends the meeting must sign up for their own account on the app in order to joint the meeting. This adds people to spam marketing lists and other unwanted communications, all without getting a service that they are comfortable using.

Phone conferencing is reliable and convenient

Phone conferencing services are much more reliable. You don’t have to worry about internet slowdowns or outages, or other technical issues. Keeping your appointments and meetings fosters productivity and allows you to meet deadlines. Postponing or rescheduling virtual meetings can completely derail your schedule and plan for the day.

Finally, teleconferencing has been around long enough that most people are very familiar with how the services work. It is much easier for all attendees of any tech level to attend a call if they are able to do so simply by dialing a number and entering a meeting code.

We have different plans to suit every conferencing need

If you are a freelancer or small business with few employees, you may not need to have a 6-person conference call very often. But if you collaborate with a lot of people from different organizations, other freelancers, clients, etc., you’ll need to make conference calls frequently, especially while everyone is working remotely.

We offer several different plans for both pay-as-you-go teleconferencing and unlimited phone conferencing needs. If you aren’t sure which option makes sense for you, we are happy to help you understand the benefits and features of each, assess your needs, and help you decide on the best plan for you. Give us call anytime at 877-254-2424 or visit our Contact Us page, for immediate service. Thank you!