Frequently Asked Questions

pay as you go conference call worker

We need a conference bridge immediately. How fast can you set us up?
You can get Instant Activation and have your conference call-in number and passcodes in the next 2 minutes.  Just fill out the order form here. Once you get your email with the call-in number and passcodes, your service is ready to go. Just alert your guests as to the time they should call in and provide them the guest passcode they can enter when prompted. Remind them they need to enter the # sign after their 7-digit passcode to get into your conference call.

Are there any set up charges?
No. It doesn’t cost anything to set up an account. Your credit card is only charged when you use the service. (The exception is our unlimited flat rate service that provides unlimited conference time for one flat per month. When you order that service, we’ll charge your credit card immediately and on the 25th of each month until you tell us to stop.)

Are there any cancellation charges?
No. You can cancel anytime.

Are there any long term contracts?
No. You can discontinue your service at any time. If you have a Flat Rate account, just let us know before the 25th of the month so we don’t charge your credit card for the next month’s services.

What’s the cheapest way to set up a conference call?
It depends on your particular needs. If you are a heavy conference user, you are probably better off with our flat rate service that offers unlimited time. If you are an occasional user, you will probably save money with our pay-as-you-go timed service. Toll-free service is 4.9 cents per minute, and toll service is 2.9 cents per minute/per person. For example, for our top of the line toll-free service, 10 people on the conference call for 30 minutes would equal 300 total minutes. 300 minutes times 4.9 cents = $14.70, plus taxes.

Can we get a Flat Rate conference access number that is local to us?
Probably not. Most of our conference bridges are located in Washington, Kansas, Nebraska and western New York.

I want to make some changes to my existing account. What the customer service number?
You can call 888-239-3969. Our operators will be happy to help you.

What if we just use conferencing now and then?
Then you definitely want our pay as you go service. You can sign up with Instant Activation here and get started immediately. We will only charge your credit card after you use the service and you are only billed for the number of minutes you use. No more, no less. As long as your credit card stays active, you can use the service anytime you want. There are no reservations and the conference bridge is open to you on-demand 24/7.