Unlimited phone conference calling for one low flat rate per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cheapest way to set up a conference call?

It’s a question of whether you want toll free access or not. If having a toll free number is not that important, then by far, the cheapest way to go is Flat Rate.
If toll free is important, then you are better off with the SuperSaver plan which works like a cell phone plan — you buy a set number of minutes each month at a discounted rate.
Remember, most residential and business phones have free long distance bundled with their local service. So having a toll free access line isn’t as important as it used to be. People can usually dial anywhere in the United States with incurring any charges.

Do you use regular phone lines or voice over Internet?

Regular phone lines. While Internet telephony may be more reliable in the future, it just isn’t there yet.

Can we get a Flat Rate conference access number that is local to us?

Probably not. Most of our conference bridges are located in the Midwest in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

We need a conference bridge immediately. How fast can you set us up?

We can offer you a free and temporary access number, along with PIN codes, while your account is being set up. Just call us at 877-254-2424. We are happy to help.

I want to make some changes to my existing account. What the customer service number?

You can call 888-239-3969

Are there any set up charges?


Are there any cancellation charges?


Are there any long term contracts?

No. You can discontinue your service at any time. If you have a Flat Rate account, just let us know before the 25th of the month so we don’t charge your credit card for the next month’s services.

What if we just use conferencing now and then or aren’t interested in Flat Rate?

Then you want Pay As You Go. You are only billed for the actual number of minutes you use. No more, no less.

What’s the most successful way companies have found to save money on conference calling?

That’s easy. They get a Flat Rate conference bridge, and then, get a 3.9 cent per minute toll free number that points to it. That way, internal company people call the regular conference number, and outsiders like clients and prospects can call the toll free number. It’s the best of both worlds. We can help you set that up.