Operator Managed Conference Call

pay as you go conference call worker
For your most important conference calls, let our operators call your guests and place them into the conference, providing the highest level of convenience and professionalism.


Our trained operators can introduce your guests to everyone in the conference as they enter.  Your guests will appreciate that they don’t have to remember when to call in — they just answer the phone,

  • Perfect solution for critically important calls such as legal conferences among lawyers and judges, business sales presentations, corporate announcements, or investor relations.
  • Operator conference calls provide the highest level of service and attention, letting your guests know how seriously you consider their participation and discussion.
  • We can manage your Question and Answer sessions (additional service charge) while queuing and introducing each participant to the conference.
  • For full service operator dial-out and toll-free dial-in, the rate is only 19 cents per minute, per person (for U.S. and Canada).  Other rates apply for international calls.
  • You can record the conference and get detailed reporting data (additional service charges may apply.)

Operator Staffed Conference Calls are Ideal for Law Firms and Depositions

Lawyers can save time expediting proceedings by using operator conference calls to conduct depositions and to conference with opposing sides and judges.  We can even make arrangements to have each party billed separately so you don’t have to spend time splitting expenses.  For class action lawsuits where a large number of people are involved, our operator dial-in service (your guests dial a toll free number to our operators who place them into the conference) is a great way to keep everyone in the loop.

Here are the different formats you can use to take advantage of our Operator Conference Calls:

These operator staffed services can be ordered by clicking this Sign Up Now.

Operator Dial-Out (our operators call you and your guests)

This is the most highly requested of our top-tier services.  Here’s how it works:  You provide us the names and phone numbers of each of your guests and the time you want us to call them.  We’ll call everyone on your list and place them into your conference call.  Just let us know if you want us to introduce each caller into the conference, along with their association.  For example our operators may announce to the conference, “Allow me to introduce Mr. John Jones from the Acme Company.  Mr. Jones, welcome to the conference.”

Operator Dial-In (your guests call a toll free number and our operators greet them)

This is another popular service, especially for corporate calls reporting on quarterly financial results.  Your guests call us and we greet them.  For example, “Welcome to the ABC Company conference call.  You’ll be placed into the conference in just a second.”  If you like, we can also collect any data you may need such as names, companies they represent, numbers, email addresses, etc.

Operator Managed Q&A

Your guests can press a key to be put in a queue with the operator who will, in turn, introduce them to the conference so they can ask a question.  This service costs 29 cents per minute, per person.