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Conference Call with England (UK), Spain, Germany, Ireland

If you're looking to have an international conference call that includes associates who live in Europe, there's a wonderful service you need to look at. We have local conference bridge access numbers in over 20 European countries.  In other words, your European conference participants will get into the conference by dialing a phone number in their own country that rings here in the United States. Let us give you an example:  Let's say you wanted to host a conference call with participants in California, New York, England, and Germany.  The Americans would dial a conference number, probably located in the Midwest,…

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Conference Bridge Services – Buy, Lease, Rent, or Use

Conference bridge services are available with several options that fit your needs and budget. We have several conference bridges throughout the United States, including New York City.  Once you set up an account, you are assigned a conference bridge and provided a phone number and passcodes to access it at any time.  The beauty of getting a conference call service is that you avoid all the costs associated with buying and maintaining the actual conference bridge hardware, which can be very expensive. Our most popular option is flat rate teleconferencing which provides you unlimited usage 24/7 for one low fixed…

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4 Way Calling, 5 Way Calling, 6 Way Calling

Most people have 3 way calling installed with their local phone or cell service, and it's pretty easy to figure out.  But what about a 4 way, or 5 way or 6 way call? Well, a group of people can all use their 3 way calling and create a "daisy chain" to get several people on the call at once.  However, the quality of the call deteriorates rapidly and the first person will hardly be able to hear the fifth person in the chain. So, if you are business or non-profit, your best bet is to use a pay-as-you-go conference call service.  You only…