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Pay As You Go Conference Call

Pay-as-you-go (per use) audio conference calling services, including high quality toll free, non-toll free, and local access dial-in numbers.

Phone Conference Call Services for Every Need and Budget

Author: Lee Simonson

If you are looking for a high quality phone conference call service that will help you save money and improve communications at the same time, we have several plans available:

Pay As You Go Conference Calling is just that -- you only pay for what you use, no more and no less, on a per minute, per use, basis.  We offer both toll free and non-toll free service and are proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry.  Reliable and available on demand, no reservations necessary

Flat / Fixed Rate Conferencing offers you unlimited 24 hour access.  You can talk as along as you want, anytime you want, and you only pay one flat fee per month.  No long term contract and no set up fee.

Toll Free Supersaver is perfect for larger users who have a good idea of how many conference minutes they use every month.  You get a discounted rate and the plan is structured like a typical cell phone where you buy a certain number of minutes every month.  Again, no long term contract and you can adjust it every month as your plans change.

Operator Managed Conference Calls provide the highest level of professionalism.  We can call out to your conference participants and place them into the conference for you.  We can also offer you professional Q&A services and other moderator functions to enable you to focus on your message.

Local Meet Me Conference Call Service is brand new!  This new service offers local number access in over 84 United States cities -- perfect for churches, local organizations and other firms that need a conference bridge for local callers.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we'll tell you all about it.  The per-minute rates are also exceptionally low!

International Overseas Conference Calling offers top level convenience for your overseas contacts and associates.  We have toll free numbers in over 90 countries around the world that your participants can use to dial-in to your conference.  We also have many local in-country numbers as well.

Conference Calls for your Non-Lync (Office 365) Guests is the solution you need to connect your internal Lync conference with out-of-network contacts who aren't on Lync.  The perfect way to collaborate with everyone, no matter where they are or what software they are using.

Atlanta Conference Call Company: Service Offers 470 Local Number

Author: Lee Simonson

Are you an Atlanta based business or non-profit looking for a conference call company that can give you a local 470 area code number to call for your conference calls?  You've come to the right place.  We can easily provide you a 470 number so your phone conference guests don't have to dial long distance and you don't have to go to the additional expense of having everyone dial a toll-free number.
To get details on how to sign up, just click on the Local Access link at the top of this page.
The rate is only 2.9 cents per minute, per person, with no set up free or monthly minimums.  You only pay for what you use when you use it, and you can keep your passcodes as long as you want.  (You don't have to change them every time you want to have a conference call.)  This extremely low rate will no doubt cut your conferencing costs dramatically and at the same time, offer your guests a tremendous convenience of having a local number to call.
Atlanta area corporations, businesses, schools and colleges, governments and non-profits use audio conferencing services extensively for thousands of purposes and applications.  And because Atlanta is the commercial hub of the Southeastern United States, and home to one of the world's business crossroads with its airport, conferencing over the phone is a critical component in keeping the area's economy humming as the 15th in the world and 6th in the United States for its gross domestic product.  Business is booming and they don't call it Hotlanta for nothing!
As an additional bonus, we have over 50 local numbers throughout the U.S. and Canada that are all automatically tied into the same conference bridge.  So, you can easily have your colleagues, associates, and customers all call into their respective local numbers to collaborate.
You'll find we can offer you the highest quality technology with superior customer service.  We look forward to serving The Gate City's conferencing needs.

Florida Conference Call Company/Service

Author: Lee Simonson

The Sunshine State is coming back strong.  Businesses and non-profits are using conference calling as a staple for coordinating projects, enhancing sales and marketing, and just getting things done on time.  Fortunately, we have local conference call-in numbers in five major metropolitan areas throughout Florida.  Here they are:
Local Conference Dial-In Numbers for the State of Florida:
Ft. Lauderdale     954-278-9887
Miami     786-233-6579
Orlando     407-205-0108
Tampa     813-444-0444
Tallahassee     850-391-1311
In fact, all five numbers feed into the same conference bridge.  So if you have associates in Miami, for instance, they can call the 786 number.  Your colleagues in Tampa can call the 813 number.  And if you are in Orlando, you can call the 407 number.  Just dial your local numbers, press in your passcodes, and everyone is connected!  (We have over 50 local call in numbers throughout the U.S. and Canada -- all connected on the same bridge.)
This set up provides an impressive convenience for all.  Not only can avoid having your conference guests long distance, but at the same time you can slash your current bills because the rate to use these numbers is only 2.9 cents per minute, per person -- much less than standard conferencing rates and what you are probably paying now.
There are no set-up fees, no monthly minimums and you only pay for what you use on a pay-as-you-go basis.  You can't beat it!  To get your Florida conference account, just click on the Local Access link at the top of the page or give us a call at 877-254-2424.  We look forward to being part of your growing business and success!

24-7 Conference Call Services Are Available on Demand

Author: Lee Simonson


On demand, 24-7 conference call service is offered by nearly all conference vendors in various formats to fit budget conscience users. With the advent of global communications, and with business contacts and associates scattered throughout the world, the availability for 24-7 access has become ubiquitous.
Regardless of the time of day, conference users can access conference bridges on-demand to conduct business with no need to make reservations. When you sign up for a conference service you will be provided a call-in number and passcodes to enable you to begin your conference call at any time with any number of participants. You will either dial a toll free number, or a regular local number to get into your conference. Regarding costs, you can choose to pay a per minute cost or a monthly flat rate that provides you unlimited usage.
24-7 phone conference calling is gaining in popularity because it is cost effective and convenient. No matter where your contacts are in the world and no matter what time zone they are in, everyone can easily pick of the phone to stay connected. Maybe it's a software development project you are advancing in India. Or a manufacturing deal in China. Your contacts can collaborate and share ideas easily over the phone.
Scheduling is easy and is usually done with email notices sent out to all the participants, usually a couple of days before the conference call. Reminder email notices are sent closer to the actually start time.
Of course, all of this contrasts with the "the olden days" when the only conferences were provided by AT&T and you need to reserve an operator's assistance ahead of time. Conferencing was expensive back then but was not available on demand. Not only that, but many places in the world were not even wired for telephones. Today, nearly every corner of the world has access to wired or wireless phone technology. That fact itself has accelerated the use of conferencing as an important and essential business toll in a world economy that never sleeps.
Even in the event of disaster, most conference bridge service providers have redundant systems and back up plans to transparently re-route conference traffic. As a customer, you would never know the difference if you were using another back up bridge.
So whether the sun is rising or setting wherever you are, rest assured that the conference bridges you use never take a break.
Click here to get more information on 24-7 conference call services:

Audio Teleconferencing Services Include Pay As Go You Plans

Author: Lee Simonson

Audio teleconferencing services are proving to be extremely valuable for business organizations and non-profits that are looking to save time and money communicating with associates, customers, prospects and membership.

In fact, audio teleconferencing is probably the simplest, easiest and fastest way to see immediate savings in increased productivity, faster decision making, and reduced travel and meeting costs. There is no ramp up time or investment, because the savings begin the minute you pick up the phone to start a phone conference call. Best of all, you don't need any special equipment or hardware to get started.
Setting up an audio teleconference service can be done in a couple of minutes. There are several different kinds of audio teleconference services and you need to pick out the right one for you.
"Pay as you go" audio conference plans are popular because you only pay for what you get -- no more or less. They are based on a per minute rate per person. In other words, 10 people on an audio conference for 10 minutes would equal 100 minutes. If for example, your toll free conference number was charged at 9 cents per minute, your cost for 10 people on the conference for 10 minutes would be $9 (100 minutes times 9 cents.) There is usually a slight premium paid for the advantage of using a toll free service, versus a non-toll free service. But either way, pay as you go plans offer audio conference users many benefits.
Another alternative, if you are a heavy and consistent user of audio conferencing, is a flat rate conference service that provides unlimited usage for set amount every month. For example, you could pay $29 a month for all your conference needs, and you would pay that flat rate whether or not you actually used the service. It can be extremely cost effective, however, the only catch is that the service does not provide an 800 conference number. Everyone who has to call into the bridge uses a regular non-toll free number. (Of course, if you have free long distance bundled with your local service, or are calling from a cell phone, you would not incur any expenses.)
All in all, audio teleconferencing has become a valuable addition to a suite of outsourced business solutions that have revolutionized the way people do business and communicate. Add in web and video conferencing, and you have created a new virtual environment where you can not only talk to colleagues and customers, but see and interact with them as well. Technological breakthroughs continue to make the world flatter and more accessible and those businesses and organizations that use cutting edge communication tools to improve their productivity and work flow will reap the greatest rewards.
For more information about audio teleconferencing and pay as you go conference plans, give us a call.  We look forward to serving you.

800 Toll Free "Pay As You Go" Conference Calling

Author: Lee Simonson


Toll free "pay as you go" conference calling is the most popular way businesses and organizations collaborate with colleagues and customers. It's easy, simple, convenient, and the fastest way to get everyone on the same page.
There are other conferencing systems and techniques that come with more bells and whistles -- things like web and video conferencing -- but the staple of today's American office is the simple phone conferencing. Everyone just picks up the phone wherever they are, dial in, punch in the PIN code, and that's it.
Pay-as-you-go conferencing is also a straightforward and standard billing model that has proven to be popular with businesses and non-profits. The reasons: there are no long term commitments, no monthly minimums, no set up fees, and best of all, you just pay for what you use -- no more or less. Moreover, you don't have to pay anything until after you use the conference service.
While there are conferencing plans that enable you to pre-pay by purchasing a certain number of minutes, similar to monthly cell phone plans, pay-as-you-go is preferred by those who only want to pay for what they use -- no more, or less. It is an ideal way to automatically reduce expenses during slow months or period of time when conference is seldom or just occasionally used. If conference calls spike, then it would indicate that business is on an upswing and conferencing costs are in line with company revenues.
Also available is non-toll free conferencing, mostly used for internal company calls when having a toll free number is not necessary for the convenience of customers or prospects. You can also pay-as-you-go for non-toll free on a per minute basis, or get a "flat" or "fixed" rate account that provides you unlimited usage.
So why is toll free, pay-as-you-go, phone conference calling winning over so many customers? First and foremost, it presents your customers or prospects a professional image of your company and shows that you are serious enough to provide them a toll free number, at your expense, to speak with them about your products and services. Second, competitive rates have made it very affordable and you can get toll free for less than the price of a long distance call several years ago. And third, you only pay for what you use, after you use it. You are never in any risk for buying minutes that are unused or can't roll over.
All indications point to the continued popularity of per-minute toll free phone conferencing throughout the United States and Canada.
For more valuable information about 800 phone conference calling, click here:

How to Make and Have a Conference Call

Author: Lee Simonson


There are many ways to make and have a conference call. How you do it depends on the purpose of the conference. For instance, is the conference for a casual family or social purpose? Or would it be for a professional or business reason?
For a friends and family conference, there are a number of free services that are available where you can connect over the Internet. For example, Skype, Yahoo or are known for providing free desktop video conferencing capabilities. Using those services is fast, easy and very inexpensive.
However, if the purpose of your call is for business or non-profit work, then you may want to consider more professional services that provide privacy, functionality and reliability. There are dozens of phone and web conference service providers who would be happy to accommodate you -- each with their specialties and rates.
Set up is easy and there is usually no cost to set up an account. You can get a flat rate teleconference service which gives you unlimited usage, or pay as you go on a per minute basis. Pay as you go plans are great for occasional users since you only get billed for what you use, when you use it. The most important decision you need to make involves the choice between having a toll free conference number to access the conference bridge, or just a regular long distance number you can call. Obviously, toll free service is more expensive.
Once you sign up for your conference call account, usually online or over the phone, you will be emailed your call-in number and passcodes. You'll get one passcode for the host or moderator of the conference call, and another for the guests or participants. Everyone calls the same number, and puts in their respective codes. More than one person can call in on the moderator code. The moderator(s) will have a set of controls they can use to perform several functions, including muting all the participants so only the moderators can be heard and the background noise is eliminating.
The next step is to invite everyone by calling or emailing them the coordinates of the meeting -- the time, the call in number to use, and the passcodes to use. If you are having a web conference or video conference, your participants will also need the web address to log into. Please remember, conferences are like dentist appointments -- people have a tendency to forget about showing up. So, it is important to send a stream of reminders.
On the high end of conferencing is an operator assisted call. Participants don't do anything except answer their own phone when a professional operator calls them and places them into a conference. Very convenient, very professional, and gives a good impression, especially for business calls.
Also, it's a good idea to remind participants to call from a quiet place without distracting background noise, and to use the mute button when coughing or sneezing. One person's sneeze can be heard by dozens of people. Also, make sure that everyone is reminded to NOT press their Hold button if their phone automatically plays music on hold. Tell them to press Mute instead because you don't want their music to be interrupting or ruining your whole conference. Calling from a regular land line phone is also helpful, since many of today's conference bridges are challenged to merge the analog and Internet phone technologies. A bad cell phone connection can make a conference call more difficult as well.
Many conference services have a web control feature included for free with their service. In a situation like that, where someone has distracting noises or has accidentally starting playing music, moderators can mute them from their web controls. Otherwise, stay focused on your topic, speak slowly and clearly, and try to keep your call brief. That will insure a successful call.
You can learn more about how phone conference calls, or web conferencing, work by clicking here:

Pay-As-You-Go Phone Conference Calling Service

Author: Lee Simonson

Pay as you go phone conference calling is an ideal program for occasional conference call users. The reason: You only pay for what you use. Rather than purchasing bundled plans that provide services you may not need or want, pay as you go conferencing rates are based on the exact number of minutes you use -- no more, no less.

Ironically, the large corporations who are heavy conference users, still operate with pay as you go per minute conference plans, even though they would be much better off switching to unlimited flat rate conference plans. Again, pay as you go conferencing plans are best suited for business and organizations who use conferencing on a limited or occasional basis.
There are two primary pay as you go conference services:
1) Toll free conference service: Participants of your conference call dial a toll free number, type in a passcode, and they are instantly placed into your conference call session. 
2) Non-toll free conference service: Your participants dial a long distance number. This is ideal for internal company calls or situations where having a toll free number is not important.
Needless to say, toll free costs slightly more than non-toll free. So, one of the things you need to decide before getting a conference service is to determine if you want toll free, or non-toll free.
Unlike operator assisted conference calls, most pay as you go plans require no operator or help to set up. No operators are necessary, and you don't have to make reservations -- your conference lines are open 24/7 and you can conduct a conference anytime you want. You can keep the same passcodes and use them continuously, or if you want, change them on a regular basis. Whatever works.
Most plans come without any long term contracts or commitments and you can discontinue the service at any time without obligation.
Better yet, there are no set up fees and you can set up an account to use immediately, or at a later date, at no cost.
So, how do you find the best conference call company that offers the best rates? Search for a company that is straight forward with their rates and avoid those with hidden fees. With pay as you go conference call service, you can save as much as 60% on your usual cost of conferencing.
This service is user-friendly and you're only charged for the amount of minutes you use.
You can get more valuable information about pay-as-you-go phone conference call options by clicking here:

Per Minute Conference Calling Service (Pay Per Use)

Author: Lee Simonson

Per minute conference calling, also known as pay-as-you-go, is a service that you can obtain without the need to purchase any hardware or software.

Charges are based on the number of minutes you use -- no more or less. The number of minutes you use is based on the number of people on the call and the length of the call. For instance, 10 people on a conference call that lasts 10 minutes would consume a total of 100 conference minutes. In another example, 5 people on the call for 60 minutes would total 300 minutes.

Per minute conference calling services usually have two different per minute rates. One rate for toll free service, and another rate for toll service.
Toll free conferencing service is a little more expensive than non-toll free service because it provides more convenience, and adds a level of professionalism, especially if you are using your conferences for sales purposes to prospects or customers. You wouldn't want your sales prospects to go to the added expensive of dialing a long distance number. Dialing an 800 number for a conference call gives everyone a strong impression that you consider the call is important and that you are not taking it casually. (Since all the actual 800 numbers have been taken, you will probably be assigned an 866, 877 or 888 toll free number to place your calls.)
On the other hand, toll service is very popular because it is priced less than toll free and because a high number of users have free long distance anyway, bundled with their local phone service or cell phone plan. For non-toll free service, you call a regular long distance number with an area code. If there is a charge, you would be billed a long distance fee from your carrier, such as AT&T, or Sprint or Qwest. Non-toll free service, otherwise known as toll service, is very convenient for internal business or internal organizational calls. The vast majority of conference call users in the United States use non-toll free conferencing.
Among the users of toll conference calling are independent network marketers who use it for audio business presentations and opportunity plans for recruitment purposes. Network marketers also use it for product announcements and sales promotion activities.
Overall, this method is the ideal solution for the occasional user because you are only charged for what you use. If a couple of months go by and you don't use the service at all, there is no charge. In contrast, heavy or regular conference users are probably more suited for flat rate conference calls which provide unlimited calling for a fixed monthly rate. Nonetheless, per minute conference calling services will continue to provide hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals a convenient way to communicate and collaborate for years to come.
You can see a sample of how this particular service works by clicking here:
Give us a call today and we'll answer all your questions and help you pick the right plan.

Business Conference Calls Save Time and Money

Author: Lee Simonson

With the new emphasis on business cost cutting, large and small businesses are embracing conference calling as the best way to streamline communications, limit travel costs and avoid meetings that can sap precious time.

Business conference calling is by far the most convenient way to collaborate and the fastest way to move projects and proposals forward. And yet, there are still companies that have yet to adopt phone conferencing as part of their culture.
Conferencing is simple and inexpensive. Telecommunication costs have been plummeting for the past 30 years and calls that used to cost 25 to 50 cents per minute can now be made for next to nothing. On the other hand. travel costs and gas prices have gone up dramatically during that same time period. So, when it comes to saving time and money you can either travel across town, or across the country, or just pick up the phone.
Conference services come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit any size budget or needs. There is no need these days to purchase or maintain expensive hardware since there are many services available that can provide access to reliable conference bridges for much less. In the vast majority of cases, your cost per minute of usage is much less when you buy the service versus when you buy the equipment, particularly if you have to pay staff to maintain it.
When you open a conferencing account, you get a call-in number and two passcodes. Everyone will call the same call-in number, which can be a toll free or non-toll free number. Then, you will be prompted to put in your assigned passcode. Conference leaders, called hosts or moderators, will punch in their passcode and conference participants, also known as guests or conferees, will punch in their passcodes. The reason there are separate passcodes is because conference leaders have access to several commands that control various aspects of the conference. But that's not to say that only one person can be the conference leader. In fact, any number of people can call in using the leader's passcode. One example where this would be needed is when two or three people will be talking or presenting. When one of the leaders punches a number to begin "conference or lecture mode" -- all the participants will be muted and only those who called in with the leader's code will be heard.
Conference services vary from unlimited flat rate conference services to pay as you go conferencing where you are charged per minute of usage. All in all, you'll find conference calling for business an economical way to avoid meeting and travel costs and to expedite projects that need attention. Best of all, colleagues can call from anywhere -- from behind their desks, from the golf course club house, or from their home swimming pool! No more "I can't make the meeting" excuses!
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