Operator Managed Order Form

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Step 1

Choose the service you want:

Step 2

Read the Agreement

1. As an Operator Assisted conference customer, I understand that I am charged on a per minute, per person basis and that I certify the information I submit on this form is true and correct and A+ Conferencing has my permission to use this information for credit checking purposes. If credit is extended to me, I agree to pay my invoices promptly within the terms stated on the invoice.

2. If I default, I understand my account will be put on a hold status until payments are made to restore my account.

3. I am also responsible for all usage of my pin codes, and will keep the codes confidential to prevent any unauthorized usage. If I do suspect any unauthorized usage, I will report it to Customer Service immediately at 888-239-3969

Step 3

In the box below, please list, in order, the name and phone number (including area code) for each person we will be calling to place in your conference call. Usually, as the host, we will call you first, so your name and number should appear at the top.

IMPORTANT: Under the list of names, let us know the exact day and time you want us to call everyone. Include your time zone and location.

You can also add any instructions, comments or questions you may have in this box.