Conference Call Bridge Cost and Rates: How Much?

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Conference Call Bridge Cost and Rates: How Much?

Costs and rates for using telephone conference call bridges and services vary greatly and depend on the type, format and number of people on the conference call.  The different types of services we offer can be seen on the elsewhere on this page or on our menu.

Generally speaking, costs can be categorized into per-minute costs or monthly fixed rate costs.

Per-minute costs are usually billed after your conference call, while discounted flat or fixed rate costs are pre-paid.

Per minute conference costs are calculated on a per-minute, per-person basis.  In other words, 5 people on the conference call for 10 minutes, equals 50 total minutes.  50 minutes times 4.9 cents per minute equals $2.45.  That’s how much a 5 person, 10 minute, conference call would cost.  If you were using a Local Access dial-in number, your costs could be substantially less.

Flat rate plans offer substantial savings, however, the major disadvantage is that they don’t offer a toll-free access number.  Each person calling into the conference must dial a long distance number.  (Dialing a long distance number may not be an issue if your conference call users are calling from a cell phone or have free long distance bundled with their regular phone service.)  The huge advantage to flat rate conferencing is that it offers unlimited usage — there is no timer on the conference bridge.  You can have as many conference calls as you like, and talk as long as you want.

On the high end of conference call costs is the professional managed operator conference call — a service that has operators calling out to the conference participants and then introducing them into the conference call.  This is for high profile or critically important conferences such as legal depositions, investor relations, corporate press conferences, sales presentations and deal-closings.

Overall, there is a conference service that will fit your budget.  Give us a call and let us know what your looking to do in particular, and we can help you sort through your options quickly.  Call us 877-254-2424.