800 Toll Free “Pay As You Go” Conference Calling

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800 Toll Free “Pay As You Go” Conference Calling

Toll free “pay as you go” conference calling is the most popular way businesses and organizations collaborate with colleagues and customers.

It’s easy, simple, convenient, and the fastest way to get everyone on the same page.  There are other conferencing systems and techniques that come with more bells and whistles — things like web and video conferencing — but the staple of today’s modern American office is still simple basic phone conferencing.  Everyone just picks up the phone wherever they are, dialx in, keys in the PIN code, and that’s it.

Popular with business and non-profits

Pay-as-you-go conferencing is also a straightforward and standard billing model that has proven to be popular with businesses and non-profits.  The reasons:  There are no long term commitments.  No monthly minimums.  No set up fees.  And best of all, you just pay for what you use — no more or less.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay anything until after you use the conference service.  While there are conferencing plans that enable you to pre-pay by purchasing a certain number of minutes, pay-as-you-go is preferred by those who only want to pay for what they use — no more, or less.  It’s an ideal way to automatically reduce expenses during slow months or periods of time when conference is seldom or just occasionally used.  If conference calls spike, then it would indicate that business is on an upswing and conferencing costs are in line with company revenues.

Non-toll free is also available

Also available is non-toll free conferencing, mostly used for internal company calls when having a toll free number is not necessary for the convenience of customers or prospects. You can also pay-as-you-go for non-toll free on a per minute basis, or get a “flat” or “fixed” rate account that provides you unlimited usage.

So why is toll free, pay-as-you-go, phone conference calling winning over so many customers?  First and foremost, it presents your customers or prospects a professional image of your company and shows that you are serious enough to provide them a toll free number, at your expense, to speak with them about your products and services.  Second, competitive rates have made it very affordable and you can get toll free for less than the price of a long distance call several years ago.  And third, you only pay for what you use, after you use it.  You are never in any risk for buying minutes that are unused or can’t roll over.

All indications point to the continued popularity of per-minute toll free phone conferencing throughout the United States and Canada. For more valuable information about 800 phone conference calling, click on our service page here.