Business Conference Calls Save Time and Money

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Business Conference Calls Save Time and Money

With the new emphasis on business cost cutting, large and small businesses are embracing conference calling as the best way to streamline communications, limit travel costs and avoid meetings that can sap precious time.

Business conference calling is by far the most convenient way to collaborate and the fastest way to move projects and proposals forward.  And yet, there are still companies that have yet to adopt phone conferencing as part of their culture.

Conferencing is simple and inexpensive.  Telecommunication costs have been plummeting for the past 30 years and calls that used to cost 25 to 50 cents per minute can now be made for next to nothing.  On the other hand. travel costs have gone up dramatically during that same time period.  So, when it comes to saving time and money you can either travel across town, or across the country, or just pick up the phone.

Conference services come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit any size budget or needs.  There is no need these days to purchase or maintain expensive hardware since there are many services available that can provide access to reliable conference bridges for much less.  In the vast majority of cases, your cost per minute of usage is much less when you buy the service versus when you buy the equipment, particularly if you have to pay staff to maintain it.

When you open a conferencing account, you get a call-in number and two passcodes.  Everyone will call the same call-in number, which can be a toll free or non-toll free number. Then, you will be prompted to put in your assigned passcode.  Conference leaders, called hosts or moderators, will punch in their passcode and conference participants, also known as guests or conferees, will key in their passcodes.  The reason there are separate passcodes is because conference leaders have access to several commands that control various aspects of the conference.

But that’s not to say that only one person can be the conference leader.  In fact, any number of people can call in using the leader’s passcode.  One example where this would be needed is when two or three people will be talking or presenting.  When one of the leaders keys a number to begin “conference or lecture mode” — all the participants will be muted and only those who called in with the leader’s code will be heard.

Conference services vary from unlimited flat rate conference services to pay as you go conferencing where you are charged per minute of usage.

All in all, you’ll find conference calling for business an economical way to avoid meeting and travel costs and to expedite projects that need attention.  Best of all, colleagues can call from anywhere — from behind their desks, from the golf course club house, or from their home swimming pool!  No more “I can’t make the meeting” excuses!

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