Dialing Local Number for Conference Call Service

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Dialing Local Number for Conference Call Service

Local dial-in numbers for conference calls are available in over 50 area codes throughout the United States and Canada.  You can see a list of the local call-in numbers below, or go to our Local Access Conference page here to get details.

Getting a local in-city conference call number provides several huge advantages, especially for businesses and non-profits that conduct much of their conferencing within a specific geographic or area code region.

1) There is no need to go to the additional expense of providing a toll free access number, because at half the cost, your guests can just pick up the phone and dial a local number to access the conference bridge.

2) Moreover, your guests don’t have to worry about long distance charges.

3) Another great advantage is that our system is integrated.  In other words, you can have one of your guests in Toronto dial the Toronto number, while another guest dials the Miami number, while another guest dials the Denver number — everyone ends up in the conference!  So no matter where your guests are calling from, they can all dial a local number and participate in the conference call.

4)  An included feature is Live Conference Viewer (LCV) which enables you to log online and monitor and control the conference in real time.  You can actually see who is on the conference by their Caller ID number.

Rates for the local access service are provided on a per-minute basis, with a pay-as-you-go format.  So, you are only charged for the time you use, when you use it.  And you are only charged AFTER your call, not before.  Currently the rate is a low 2.9 cents per minute, per person, which is substantially less than toll free or non-toll free conference services.

Call us at 877-254-2424 and let us show you just how easy it is to get started.

Alabama Birmingham 205-383-1331
Arizona Phoenix 602-753-0547
Arkansas Little Rock 501-712-4854
California Los Angeles 213-408-3699
Oakland 510-908-6000
Sacramento 916-588-1206
San Diego 619-354-3317
San Francisco 415-795-9869
Colorado Denver 720-452-7285
Connecticut Hartford 860-955-9219
District of Columbia Washington 202-800-9769
Florida Ft. Lauderdale 954-278-9887
Miami 786-233-6579
Orlando 407-205-0108
Tampa 813-444-0444
Tallahassee 850-391-1311
Indiana Indianapolis 317-559-0546
Illinois Chicago 312-273-1006
Maryland Baltimore 410-844-0110
Massachusetts Boston 857-444-0750
Michigan Detroit 313-355-5344
Minnesota Twin Cities 612-351-3079
Missouri Kansas City 816-654-6761
Nevada Las Vegas 702-359-0599
New York Albany 518-621-5609
Buffalo 716-332-3757
New York 646-517-0900
Syracuse 315-410-0850
North Carolina Charlotte 980-265-0485
Raleigh 919-348-4033
Ohio Cleveland 216-278-0003
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 405-694-4562
Tulsa 918-921-1556
Oregon Portland 971-269-1960
Pennsylvania Philadelphia 215-383-1381
Pittsburgh 412-430-0220
Tennessee Nashville 615-499-5838
Memphis 901-254-8710
Texas Austin 512-646-2999
Dallas 972-497-2519
Fort Worth 817-984-3079
Houston 832-280-0991
San Antonio 210-892-1414
Utah Salt Lake City 801-214-0073
Virginia Richmond 804-212-0717
Washington Seattle 206-406-0821
Wisconsin Milwaukee 414-877-5195
Alberta Edmonton 587-557-1722
British Columbia Vancouver 778-775-1114
Ontario Toronto 647-872-9995
Ottawa 343-883-1933
Quebec Montreal 438-238-1455
Quebec City 418-478-2125