Conference Calls with Operator Help and Assistance

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Conference Calls with Operator Help and Assistance

Most conference calls are “unattended” which means that the host and guests are left alone to conduct their own call.  It’s easy, convenient and productive way to have a conference call.

However, there are times when an important call is taking place when you’ll want the services of a professionally trained operator to assist and manage your call.  For starters, an operator can dial-out and call each of your participants and place them in the conference.  The only thing your guests have to do is answer the phone.  After they answer, the operator will introduce the call to them, place them in the conference, and introduce them to the guests who are already on the call.

Probably the most common type of conference call that uses this format are legal calls where attorneys are discussing cases with a judge.  The judge is usually the last person to be called by the operator.

However, operators can be used for many other purposes including: collecting personal names, contact info like email addresses, and company names.  That is when the guests, for example, journalists on an investor’s relations call, dial in themselves and are greeted by the operator who asks them for their information, and then places them into the conference.

Operators can also coordinate Question & Answer sessions and can queue and introduce guests to the entire group.  You can learn more about our operator conference calls by clicking here, or clicking the link on the right side of this page entitled, “Operator Managed Conferencing.”

Overall, you’ll find that while having an operator assist and manage your call costs a little more, the service you receive is well worth it.  It lets your guests and participants know you are serious about your discussion and that you have gone the extra mile to make sure that everyone is treated with the utmost respect, courtesy and professionalism.  Call us at 877-254-2424 if we can help.