Full Service Conference Call Provides Convenience and Security

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Full Service Conference Call Provides Convenience and Security

There are times when important and high-level collaborative conference calls need professional operators to organize, staff and provide necessary security.

Unlike automated reservationless conferencing, where hosts and participants dial-in to a conference number, full service conferencing is different in that it requires one or more operators to manage and assist in the preparation and execution of the call.  Finding a conference call company that has both live customer service operators who answer the phone, along with a staff of trained operators who can perform dial-out services for you is not easy these days.  Fortunately, we are one of a handful of companies in North America that provide full service conferencing for those clients who require and are seeking top-level value.

The highest security standards for conference calls

Considered the “gold standard” of conferencing, there are a number of advantages that you can accrue by adopting this conferencing format.  Because hacking activities are so prevalent these days, there are growing concerns that conference calls lack security and unwelcomed guests are surreptitiously eavesdropping.  Generally speaking, conference calls are secure, especially if assigned passcodes are keep in trusted hands.  However, under circumstances where there is no room for error, and there zero tolerance, the most secure way to conduct a conference call is to have professional operators dial-out to your participants.  That way, you eliminate the use of passcodes, and there is no way anyone other than those who are called can get access to the conference.  It is truly a private call and it’s impossible for any uninvited guest to gain access or enter the conference during your discussions.

Provides unparalleled convenience and support

But it’s not just about security, it’s about convenience as well.  Your participants don’t have to keep reminding themselves when to call in, nor do they have to keep track of phone numbers and passcodes.  With operators dialing-out, your participants only have to answer the phone.  We’ll do the rest.  There are several other benefits to full service conferencing, including data collection, transcripts and recordings, and translation services.

Overall, you’ll find that a professionally staffed conference call can more easily achieve your business, legal, educational or project objectives, when it comes to improving efficiencies and collaboration in a safe and secure setting.  You can learn more about our service at our webpage here.