High Quality Phone Conference Services at the Lowest Rates

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High Quality Phone Conference Services at the Lowest Rates

High quality phone conferencing services are readily available and easy to obtain.  In fact, you can get a conference account set up in minutes at no cost.  You can review each of the various conferencing plans and options at the top or side of this webpage.

Here are some of things you should know or consider while you are narrowing down your phone conference bridge options:

1)  In 90% of the situations, it’s MUCH less expensive to outsource your conferencing services versus owning and maintaining your own in-house conference bridge and hardware.

2)  There are variety of plans and programs designed to meet your individual needs.  It doesn’t hurt to discuss the pros and cons of each with a professional.  That’s why we’re here.

3)  Free conference services exist, but in the end, you get what you pay for.  Long distance carriers have been known to block calls entering free conference bridges.  In fact, T-Mobile is now charging users a penny a minute to access free conference lines.

4)  Audio phone conferencing is here to stay.  Why?  Because as cool as video conferencing is, the majority of people are self-conscious about what they look like on camera.  Some people even hate looking at themselves.  Verbal conversation will never be replaced when it comes to business and organizational interaction and that’s why the phone will be around for a long time.  While more people text today than talk on the phone, texting is not a practical way to conduct business conversations or transactions.

5)  For video and web conferencing, the old video conference room is out and the smaller less expensive webcams are in.  Now you can do everything from your desktop, or even a smartphone.

6)  It’s true.  Phone conferencing slashes travel and meetings expenses dramatically.  The reason phone conference call services are booming is because it is the least expensive way to conduct business from a variety of locations.  Face to face meetings are always good, but unfortunately, they eat up time which businesspeople and non-profit professionals can’t afford.   If you can get 5 people on an audio conference call by just picking up the phone, you can accomplish more in 10 minutes than you can killing a morning or afternoon trying to get everyone in the same room at the same time.   And with the advent of smartphones and cell technology and coverage, people can now conference and conduct business from anywhere.  You’ll see hand-held video conferencing technology becoming more widely used in the future.

Your best bet:  Look at the different conference services that are offered, get some good advice, and move forward with your plans.  There are no long term commitments so you can always switch to another plan easily and quickly.

Getting a high quality and reliable conferencing service could be the best move you’ve ever made.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we’ll get you set up quickly on the right path.