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Get a Quote for Conference Call Service

quote for conference call service

Getting a quote for your conference call service has never been easier. Elsewhere on this page, you’ll see a section entitled, “Conference Plans Available” and the links to a variety of conference services we offer to suit your particular needs. If you click on any of those links, you’ll find the rate and prices for each service clearly listed and you should be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

If you want more information, we welcome you to call us at 877-254-2424. You’ll be talking to a live customer service representative instantly. (We do not route your calls overseas to an international call center.)

As one of the nation’s leading conference call companies, serving small and medium sized businesses and organizations with 2-1000 employees, is our speciality. We’re proud to offer both competitive prices and the best in customer service with personalized attention and expert advice.

24Conferencing Offers a Variety of Programs to Meet Your Particular Needs

Pay-As-You-Go Conference Calling
With this plan, you only pay for what you use – no more, no less. Toll-free or non-toll-free, our services allow you to pay on a per-minute, per-use basis. We are proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry, and this plan is reliable and available on demand: no reservations necessary!

Fixed/Flat-Rate Conferencing
This plan offers you unlimited, 24/7 access. Speak as long as you want whenever you want! By paying just one flat fee per month, you’re free from long-term contracts and setup fees.

Operator-Managed Conference Calls
Choosing a full-service operator to help with critical business calls is the best way to ensure that your call goes smoothly. We have several popular services designed to provide you with the highest quality conferences at the most competitive rates.

Our Operator-Managed Service is the crème de la crème — the Cadillac — of phone conferencing. It provides the highest level of control and professionalism available anywhere. With this plan, our operators will call your participants and place them into your conference call for you.

We have many services you can add on to your call, including customized participant reports and participant introductions. Other features include our professional Q&A services and moderator functions, which enable you to focus your message.

Local Meet Me Conference Call Service
This service offers local number access in over 84 American cities. It’s perfect for churches, local organizations, and other businesses who need a conference bridge for local callers. The per-minute rates for this service are exceptionally low!

International Overseas Conference Calling
This plan is extraordinarily convenient for your overseas contacts. We have toll-free numbers in over 90 countries as well as many local in-country numbers; your participants can dial-in to your conference using either option!

Conference Calls for Non-Lync (Office 365) Guests
This is a wonderful solution for connecting your internal Lync conference with out-of-network contacts who aren’t on Lync. Regardless of where they are or what software they’re using, this is the perfect way to collaborate with everyone!

Why Conference Calling is So Important to Your Success

When it comes to the success of a business or organization, communication is paramount. However, collaborating with each and every member of your company can be virtually impossible without the proper technology. That’s why getting the right conference service with the right conference call company is so important.

Phone conference calling is an easy way for any organization to communicate with a large group. For most conferences, a moderator or host will direct the call while all other participants connect to it by calling a phone number with a unique passcode. The host of the meeting then receives attendance confirmation from each member as they join by looking at an online “event viewer” that provides online controls such as muting and muting individuals or the conference as a whole.

With the advent of the Internet, conferencing is critical to provide information to members, associates, and even new sales prospects — around the country, or around the globe. Conferencing is a basic tool for distributing information from C-level suites distributing quarterly financial reports to analysts sharing data. Even families are using conferencing to coordinate reunion plans or discuss health and other personal matters. Churches use conferencing for prayer groups and to organize events, trips and retreats.

Smaller conference calls may allow participants to respond to the presenter or ask questions during the call, while larger conference call organizers may choose to enlist the help of professional operators who can manage participant input and organize a Q&A session.

From there, the use of a conference call is basically unlimited! Conferencing applications and technology enable collaboration within and throughout organizations regardless of the physical location of participants. If you’re looking for an effective way to speak to employees, associates, or prospective clients from all over the world, conference calling is the way to go!

How Are We Able to be So Competitive?

Compared to most large corporations, we keep our overhead costs very low by not spending substantial sums of money on advertising or expensive office suites. When big companies spend a lot of money on advertising they are forced to pass those costs to their customers. At 24Conference, our goal is to run a lean and mean operation that that enables us to provide you the highest quality services and at the lowest price.

Our mission is to prudently manage our costs so we can pass those savings on to you. We guarantee you the personal attention that’s so hard to get from the bigger guys, because we value you and aim to prove it!

If you’re starting to put your bid package together for your corporate conference call service, be sure to include us on your bid list! You’ll find that with 24Conference, you’ll be able to cut costs, improve services, and make certain that your conference calls are using the latest start of the art technology.

We serve our customers with both confidence and integrity. Give us a call today at 877-254-2424 or contact us here on our website. We want to become the best service provider you have, and we look forward to working with you!