Web Conferencing (Webinars) Gets Top Recommendation

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Web Conferencing (Webinars) Gets Top Recommendation

Businesses and companies have always been looking for new and innovative ways to hold meetings and relay information.  Thanks to the Internet, many companies have found multiple ways to communicate effectively and efficiently.  Obviously the most common communication method is through email.  Recent web conferencing has also become quite popular as a way to hold meetings and collaborate between a group of people.

The best way to provide a visual presentation to a scattered audience

The principle behind web conferencing is really quite simple.  Just as in a real meeting web conferencing allows everyone at the meeting to see and hear everything that is happening.  Web conferences are generally controlled by a single person on a computer but beyond that basically as many computers or participants can be included. Obviously web conferencing is not the first interactive meeting system.  Prior to web conferencing, conference calls were used exclusively to collaborate.  Web conferencing has basically become a supplement to regular conference calls because it allows everyone involved to not only hear what is going on, but also see visual presentations as well.

“Webinar” is a combination of web conferencing and seminar

Web conferencing is completely controlled by whomever is the host so basically anything is possible during a web conference.  (The host can “share control” with any number of people.)  One specific type of web conferencing has become quite popular recently — the Webinar.  The name “webinar” is simple — it is a combination of web conferencing and seminar.  Obviously webinars are often used as teaching or informative tools.  Webinars have become a popular way to teach employees about new things in the workplace because they make it possible to show a large group of people something all at once.

Perfect for training and showing slides or PowerPoint presentations

No matter the purpose or message involved in a web conference there are plenty of benefits.  Previously, many companies were forced to send training managers or employees around the country to train others on how to use a new system or technology.  But thanks to the development of webinars and web conferencing it is now possibly to relay this information entirely through the Internet which saves time and money for the company.  Web conferences are often recorded as well so the valuable information relayed can be replayed or reviewed if the need arises.  Depending on the type of web conference chosen there are also a few more benefits to web conferencing.  Our web conference program, as an example, allow slide shows or other visual aids to be shown.  Web conferences also allow viewers to communicate with the presenter which creates a more intimate meeting feel.  This communication can be used to ask questions for clarification or simply to find out more information about whatever the speaker is saying.  Web conferencing has made some major advancements when it comes to business meetings.

Overall the evolution of web conferencing and webinars has been astounding.  Web conferencing became popular as the Internet began to expand and at this point nearly all businesses use web conferencing in one way or another.  When it comes to long distance meetings web conferences truly are the best way to get things done.  Written by:  SMS survey