Cost of Conference Calls: How Rates and Plans Differ

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Cost of Conference Calls: How Rates and Plans Differ

The cost of conference call services can vary dramatically depending on the kind of service you use.  There are a number of different services available ranging from the top-of-the-line operator managed calls to flat and fixed rate conferencing.  That’s why it is important to determine what plan works best for you.

At the top of this webpage, you’ll see several different conference services and each of those pages will display the rates for that service.  However, the information below can give you a starting point when it comes to choosing a phone conference call service:

IF you do a lot of conferencing and it is not important for you to have a toll-free dial in number then your best conferencing bet is to use Flat and Fixed Rate Conferencing.  This will give you unlimited conference calls for one low flat monthly rate — as low as $9 a month.  You can talk as much as you want, anytime you want.

IF having a toll-free access number to your conference is important because you will be using it for prospects or customers or external associates, then you are best advised to use the Toll-Free Pay As You Go Service.  The cost of this is 4.9 cents per min./per person and you are only billed for what you use, when you use it.  It provides the convenience of a toll free number.

IF you are an occasional user and a toll-free access number is not important to you, then you should get the Non-Toll Free Pay As You Go conference option.  Everyone on your call will dial a non-toll free number (just a regular long distance number) to get into the conference.  This is very popular since most everyone has free long distance on their cell phone, or residential phone.  Most work places have free long distance bundled with their local service as well.  So, there is no reason to pay more for a toll free numbers if a regular non-toll free number can work as well.

IF are in a large city and most of your conferencing is done with people in the same city, or another large city, you should consider a conference call plan that enables you to dial a local number.  For example, your people in New York City could dial a New York City conference number, and your people in Los Angeles could dial an LA number, and everyone would end up in the same conference.  This is a very convenient and cost effective way to connect with people — much less expensive than using a toll free numbers.  It’s called Local Access Conference Calling.

IF you have an important conference call coming up and/or you are using it for a legal deposition or law firm, you may want to get an Operator Managed Conference service that provides the highest of quality and convenience.  You and your colleagues don’t have to call in — in fact, we call you.  Our trained professionals will call each person on your list and place them into the conference call at the appointed time.  Our operators can also introduce each person as they are placed in the conference. Again, this is for high-level and high profile conference calls where you need the best service available in the conference world.

That is a quick review and summary of conference services and why the conference rates and prices may vary widely.  The key is to find the best service that meets your particular needs.  We are always available online or on the phone to help you with your options to insure that you are getting the right service at the right price.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and let’s get you set up for your first conference call today.