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  • Phone Conference Call Services for Every Need and Budget

    Author: Lee Simonson

    If you are looking for a high quality phone conference call service that will help you save money and improve communications at the same time, we have several plans available:

    Pay As You Go Conference Calling is just that -- you only pay for what you use, no more and no less, on a per minute, per use, basis.  We offer both toll free and non-toll free service and are proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry.  Reliable and available on demand, no reservations necessary

    Flat / Fixed Rate Conferencing offers you unlimited 24 hour access.  You can talk as along as you want, anytime you want, and you only pay one flat fee per month.  No long term contract and no set up fee.

    Toll Free Supersaver is perfect for larger users who have a good idea of how many conference minutes they use every month.  You get a discounted rate and the plan is structured like a typical cell phone where you buy a certain number of minutes every month.  Again, no long term contract and you can adjust it every month as your plans change.

    Operator Managed Conference Calls provide the highest level of professionalism.  We can call out to your conference participants and place them into the conference for you.  We can also offer you professional Q&A services and other moderator functions to enable you to focus on your message.

    Local Meet Me Conference Call Service is brand new!  This new service offers local number access in over 84 United States cities -- perfect for churches, local organizations and other firms that need a conference bridge for local callers.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we'll tell you all about it.  The per-minute rates are also exceptionally low!

    International Overseas Conference Calling offers top level convenience for your overseas contacts and associates.  We have toll free numbers in over 90 countries around the world that your participants can use to dial-in to your conference.  We also have many local in-country numbers as well.

    Conference Calls for your Non-Lync (Office 365) Guests is the solution you need to connect your internal Lync conference with out-of-network contacts who aren't on Lync.  The perfect way to collaborate with everyone, no matter where they are or what software they are using.

  • Denver Colorado Conference Call Service - 720 Access Number

    Author: Lee Simonson

         Looking for a conference call company that services the Denver and Colorado area?  You found us!
         We have a local 720 area code conference access number that can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis and provides a tremendous convenience for those in Denver and the whole state.  Not only will you enjoy the low rate of 2.9 cents per minute, per person (10 people on the conference call for 10 minutes would cost $2.90) but you have full access to the conference bridge at anytime.  There is no need to make a reservation -- it's all yours!
         Another advantage is that your conference guests don't have to dial long distance if they are calling from Denver, and you don't have to go to the extra expense of providing a toll-free access number (though you may want that option down the road.)
         There is a lot of business that is done in Denver.  In fact, not only is it known as the Mile High City, but "Wall Street West" as well!  So if you are a business, non-profit, educational or legal organization, looking for a reliable and professional conference call service that you can use 24/7, without reservations, give us a call 877-254-2424.
         You can also see our Local Access page where you can order online.  We also have a link at the top of this page.
         We look forward to doing business with you!
  • International Toll Free Conference Call Service

    Author: Lee Simonson

    Here's the most important thing you should know about international toll free conference calling -- there is no such thing as one toll free number that works in all countries.  Each country requires a separate toll free number that rings to the conference bridge in the United States.  For example, if you wanted to have associates in France and Britain and Germany on a conference call, you wouldn't be able to use one number for all three countries.  Rather, you would need to get a different toll free number for each country.
    Those numbers can be easily obtained using our conference service.  When you order (see International Overseas Conference Call link above) just let us know what countries your conference guests are from, and we will get those toll free numbers to you.  You can then distribute them to your guests.
    So if you have guests in 6 countries, including the U.S., you will get 6 different toll free numbers.  When your guests dial their respective number, they will all be dialing into the same conference bridge.  (There is an exception to the rule -- both the U.S. and Canada share the same toll free number.)
    There are Internet based services that can connect people around the globe very inexpensively.  However, there are some serious limitations.  For example, you will have to call out to your guests because they can't call into the conference themselves.  That may not sound like a big deal, however, you will only be able to call cell phones in a limited number of countries.  On the other hand, our service enables everyone, from over 90 countries, to dial-in from their landlines or cell phones -- it doesn't matter.  In addition, there are no monthly fees with our service.  Other services will require you to pay a fee whether you use the service or not.
    We can also offer you the benefit of having one of our professional operators dial-out to your guests and place them into the conference for you, which provides the ultimate service and convenience.  You just give us the names and numbers of your guests and the time of your conference, and we'll do the rest.  We'll call everyone on your list and your guests only have to answer the phone to participate.  In many instances, it's actually less expensive to have us dial-out for you, than it is to have your guests dial-in.  That's because it costs less for outbound U.S. calls than it does for overseas inbound calls to the U.S.  Once you see our rates posted online on our International Conference Call page, you can decide what works best for you.
    Overall, international toll free conferencing is a very effective way to collaborate and communicate with your overseas participants.  We stand ready to assist you with our top-rated customer service to make sure that your audio conferences are conducted using the highest quality technology and networks.  We look forward to working with you.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 or use the Contact Us page to let us know how to help.
  • How Can I Make a Secure Conference Call?

    Author: Lee Simonson

    Would you ever put your credit card  number and expiration date in an email?  Of course not -- it can be easily intercepted by viruses which look for and harvest that type of data by software "bots."  
    And that's exactly the reason why you don't want to conduct a highly confidential conference call on the Internet!  If your phones or conference bridge are VOIP (voice over Internet) based -- in other words, if they using the Internet for their connections -- you are taking a big risk.  You might be familiar with such phone services that provide very low rates because they use the Internet.  The big cable companies provide these services, mostly bundled with their Internet and television services.  Other services such as Vonage and Skype also use the Internet.
    In other words, if a virus or malware can hack into your email, it can also hack into your phone call and conference.  There is always a way to beat the system -- hackers spend their lives doing it.
    What's worse is that a number of conference call providers also use Internet based digital conference bridges which pose a similar risk.  Fortunately, we don't use digital bridges.
    So what's the best way to host or participate in a secured and private conference call?
    There are several answers:
    1) Use analog technology such as wired landline phones that use fiber-optic connections.  Unless there is a physical tapping device on your landline phone, it is virtually impossible for anyone to gain access to your call.
    2)  Use a cell phone.  But keep in mind that there are cell phone monitoring devices that can intercept your calls.
    3)  Make sure your conference bridge provider places your conference on an analog bridge and not a "SIP" bridge (Session Initiation Protocol), otherwise known as the most common form of Internet communications.
    4)  Make sure you keep your passcodes secure.  If you want to change your passcodes, give us a call and we'll be happy to provide new ones at anytime.
    5)  You will also receive instructions on how to "lock" your conference by preventing additional people from joining once you know everyone you want to talk to is there.
    Conference call security and privacy is becoming more important in this day and age, and we're happy to provide the most secure format and settings available.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we can get you set up in no time.
  • Full Service Conference Call Provides Convenience and Security

    Author: Lee Simonson

    There are times when important and high-level conference calls need professional operators to organize, staff and provide necessary security.  Unlike automated  reservationless conferencing, where hosts and participants dial-in to a conference number, full service conferencing is much different because it requires the attention of one or more operators to manage and assist in the preparation and execution of the call.
    Finding a conference call company that not only has live customer service operators who answer the phone, but also has a contingent of trained operators who can perform dial-out services for you is not easy these days.  Fortunately, we are one of a handful of companies in North America that provide full service conferencing for those clients who require and are seeking top-level value.
    Call it the "crème de la crème" of conferencing, there are a number of advantages that you can accure from this type of conferencing:
    In this day and age of hackers who attack databases and privacy, there is a growing concern that conference calls lack security and there are people who are listening in who are not invited or welcomed.  Generally speaking, conference calls are secure, especially if you keep your passcodes in trusted hands.  However,  under circumstances where there is no room for error and zero tolerance, the most secure way to conduct a conference call is to have our operators dial-out to your participants.  That way, you eliminate the use of passcodes, and there is no way anyone other than those we have called, can access the conference.  It would impossible for any outsider to enter the conference.
    But it's not just about security, it's about convenience as well.  Your participants don't have to keep reminding themselves when to call in, nor do they have to keep track of phone numbers and passcodes.  With our operators dialing-out, your participants only have to answer the phone.  We'll do the rest.
    There are several other benefits to full service conferencing, including data collection, transcripts and recordings, and translation services.  Overall, you'll find that a professionally staffed conference call can more easily achieve your business, legal, educational or project objectives, when it comes to improving efficiences and collaboration in a safe and secure setting.
    You can learn more about our service here:
  • Operator Assisted Full Service Conference Call

    Author: Lee Simonson

    There will be times when you'll need the services of a professional operator to staff and assist you during your conference calls.  The operators can perform several functions and we're one of the few conference providers in the nation that can offer you a complete array of options.

    Here is a quick rundown on the types of services our trained operators can provide you:

    1)  Our operators can call your participants and place them into your conference call.  This is a tremendous convenience and saves your participants from continually reminding themselves when to call in to the conference.  They just have to answer the phone and we'll do the rest.

    2)  Since we call them, there is absolutely no charge or expense on their part, so no one is required to pay any addition costs, such as long distance.

    3)  Operators can be instructed to collect data from the participants before they are placed into the conference, such as securing email addresses or phone numbers.  Moreover, operators can personally introduce each of your guests into the conference.  For example, "Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Mr. John Smith, from ABC Corporation."

    4)  Per your instructions, your assigned operator(s) can implement any functions or features you may need.  For example, you may need to mute the participants to enable the leaders to speak to the conference without interruption or background noise.

    5)  Operators can manage question and answer sessions (Q&A).  Your participants will be instructed to press a number on their keypad to be placed into a queue.  The operators can then screen your participants and introduce them to your conference one at a time.  This provides for a much more organized and efficient interactive presentation.

    Operator assisted audio conferences are considered the top-tier service in the conference world.  They provide the highest level of professional concierge attention and should be used for important or critical calls.  They are very popular in the legal and education fields and are standard for corporate and investor relations calls.

    There is no cost to set up an operator assisted call and you are only charged on a per minute, per person basis, with no monthly minimums or contractual obligations.  We ask that you give us 24 hours advanced notice to properly organize your call and to confirm all of your participants' names, numbers and the time of your call.

    The cost of this type of call is a little more, but the advantages and convenience you will provide your guests and participants will bring far more value with improved communications, collaboration and efficiencies.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 or click here for more detailed information:

  • Professionals Use Conference Call Staffed by Live Operator

    Author: Lee Simonson

         While conference calling services have become more automated, there are many calls that still require a live operator to staff, manage and assist the conference hosts.
         These conference calls, primarily used by professionals such as attorneys, doctors, high-level corporate and investor executives, still need "high-touch" functions that need the attention of a trained operator.
         This premium service provides a number of features and advantages that are not available with regular conference call services, namely:
         1)  Operator dial-out:  This is when our operators personally dial each of your conference participants and place them into the conference call.  Depending on your preferences, they can also introduce each caller into the conference.  This service is particularly useful and convenient because your guests don't have to keep reminding themselves about calling into the conference.  They don't have to remember anything -- they just answer their phone.
         2)  Dial-in to operators:  Rather than operators dialing out to your participants, your participants dial into the conference, but are greeted by live operators, and according to your wishes, the operators can obtain data such as name, company, phone, email, etc.  The operators can then place your participants into the call.  This is a great way to build a database of interested parties or prospects.
         3)  Conference Q&A sessions:  A live operator service can be used to organize and manage a question and answer session during your conference.  For example, when introducing a new product or conducting a press conference with reporters.  Participants simply press a number on their keypad and are privately queued behind-the-scenes.  The operator will ask their name and will ask them to wait for their turn to participate in the Q&A and will introduce them to the whole conference at the proper time.
         Overall, there are number of reasons why live operators are needed to help with important conference calls.  Whether it's for legal calls between lawyers and judges, corporate calls with investors, professional continuing education programs, or sales calls with prospects, we can staff your conference call with experienced operators who will assist you in managing your call by offering the highest level of customer service.
         For more information about operator conference calls or to sign up for the service, click here:
  • Chicago Conference Call Company Service: 312 Dial-In Number Available

    Author: Lee Simonson

    Looking for a local Chicago 312 dial-in number for your teleconference guests to call?  We have what you're looking for.  Not only can we provide the convenience of calling a local number, but in all likelihood, we can substantially reduce your conference calling expenses at the same time because of our discounted rates.
    The 312 number is part of our Local Access program that connects local numbers in over 50 cities in the United States and Canada into the same conference bridge.  So whether you are in The Windy CIty, or the Big Apple or Space City (Houston), all of your guests can call a local number and meet in the same conference call.  No more long distance calls, and you can save big-time from going to the additional expense of providing a toll free number.
    We can set you up in just a few minutes and there are no set up charges or monthly minimums.  Our Local Access service is a pay-as-you-go program and so you only pay for what you use, when you use it.  Your passcodes remain the same and you can use them anytime you want, 24/7, so you don't have to worry about letting us know ahead of time when you want to hold your conference call.  You are free to access the system at anytime without any reservations.
    What does it cost?  A remarkably low rate of 2.9 cents per minute, per person.  Compare that rate with what you are paying now and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  Many of our customers report that they have reduced their conferencing expenses by over half.
    Want to get started?  You can click on the Local Access link at the top of the page and then click on the green "Sign Up Now" button.  Choose the cities where you want your local call-in number (you can choose as many as you like), fill in your payment information, and click Submit.  That's it!  You'll receive all your numbers and passcodes via email in just a few minutes.
    OR, you can just give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we'll get you set up over the phone.  Either way, you'll soon be enjoying the convenience and benefits of having your Chicago based conference service.
  • Miami-Dade Conference Call Company Service with 786 Call-in Number

    Author: Lee Simonson

    Miami is the Capital of Latin America!  And while millions of tourists descend upon the Magic City for the sun and beach, Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys area businesses and non-profits keep moving forward with the latest technology, including conference call services.
    A 786 area code number is now available as a call-in number for all of your Miami-Dade conference call participants, making it more convenient than ever for your area colleagues and associates to collaborate over the phone.  In fact, anyone in the country or world can call into the conference bridge number, enter your assigned passcodes, and participate with you on your conference call.
    If you are interested in getting your Miami conference bridge, just click on the Local Access link on the top of this page.  Then, click on the Sign Up Now button to get your account set up quickly at no cost.
    There are no set up charges and no monthly minimums, so if you don't use the conference service, there is no cost whatsoever.  You are only charged for what you use, when you use it, at the exceptionally low rate of less than 3 cents per minute, per person.  The conference bridge is open to you 24/7.  You can use it anytime you want and you get to keep your passcodes and use them over and over again.
    But the deal gets even better.  Your conference guests can call into their own local number (there are over 50 in the U.S. and Canada) and join you in the Miami conference.  All the local lines across the country are tied into the same conference bridge.  Bottom line:  Your guests don't have to dial long distance and you don't have to go to the additional expense of providing a toll free number.  For example, there are five different local access numbers across the State of Florida.
    So sign up today and start saving!  Your guests will appreciate the fact they can dial a local Miami number for their conference calls.
  • San Diego Conference Call Company Service: 619 Number Available

    Author: Lee Simonson


    America's Finest City has it all -- great beaches and weather, world class services and cultural venues, and a tremendous quality of life.  And now, it even has its own 619 call-in number for conference calls!  Just click on the Local Access link at the top of this page for details.
    Now businesses and non-profits can call a local number for their phone conference calls.  In fact, your conference guests can call the San Diego number from anywhere in the world to participate.  But for folks in the 619 area code, there is no need to dial long distance to get into the conference, and you no longer have to go to the additional expense of providing a toll free number.  It's really the best of both worlds!
    Even better, is that the San Diego conference bridge number is available for the low rate of just 2.9 cents per minute, per person.  No monthly minimums, no set up fees, no cancellation fees, and you are only charged AFTER your call on a pay-as-you-go basis.  If you aren't using the service, there's no cost.
    You can also use our network of over 50 local numbers across Canada and the United States that tie into the same conference bridge.  In other words, your participants in New York City can dial the NYC number, while your participants in Houston can dial the Houston number.  You dial the San Diego number and everyone is in the same conference!  So yes, everyone can dial their own respective local numbers and be part of your San Diego conference call.
    So sign up today and let your associates and colleagues know about your new 619 phone conference number that you and your guests can access 24/7 without reservations.  It will be there for you to use anytime you need it.  Need help?  Just give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we'll be happy to assist you.