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June 2010

Phone Conference Call Services

Author: Lee Simonson

Phone conference call services are readily available and can be formatted to suit any budget or communication program.  Here at we have a variety of packages and formats that can meet whatever conferencing needs you have.
Take a brief look at these small case studies to see how different services can meet your particular situation:
EXAMPLE:  A small business is looking for a teleconferencing solution to enable 8 colleagues to meet over the phone several times a week for a six month project.  Most will be calling from their cell phones which include free long distance.
SOLUTION:  They chose Flat Rate Teleconferencing because it offered them unlimited usage.  It cost them $39 a month to talk as long as they wanted, whenever they wanted.  The 8 people spoke for several hours a month and they still paid the same flat rate, saving a small fortune.
EXAMPLE:  A sales organization wants to engage experts from different parts of the country to close complicated deals with existing customers and new prospects.  And they want to provide the customers with the convenience of a toll free number to access the conference calls.  They were using a vendor, but costs were adding up and managers wanted to find a way to cut expenses.
SOLUTION:  The 800 Toll Free Supersaver service.  It worked perfectly because they were able to not only provide a toll free number to everyone on the call, but the organization was able to cut their conferencing expenses in half.  Our service provided a "bucket of minutes," similar to how cell phone plans work.  The bundle of toll free minutes is provided at a discounted rate so they were able to accrue a substantial savings while enjoying the benefits of a high quality conference call network.
EXAMPLE:  A non-profit group needed to have ready access to a conference call bridge.  They planned on conferencing a lot one month, but not much the next.  And then, usage was going to pick up again.  They didn't want to commit to a monthly plan and just wanted a "pay as you go" service.
SOLUTION:  The 800 "Pay As You Go" Service which is open 24/7 and need no reservations.  Moreover, they were only charged for what they used, no more or less.  If they didn't use conferencing for weeks or months, they were never billed.
EXAMPLE:  A high end conference was being scheduled by a law firm.  The legal firm wanted to have professional operators initiate the call.  They wanted the operators to call each participant and then put them into the call after introducing them to everyone in the conference.
SOLUTION:  Our Operator Conference Call service called out to each party on their list at the appointed time, so the participants only had to pick up the phone.  Operator assisted calls provide the highest level of convenience and professionalism and perfect for legal firm conference calls and investor relations.
Those are only a few example case studies we see everyday.  Whatever your particular conferencing need is, just give us a call and we'll do our best to make sure you are getting the best conference service at the lowest competitive rates.

International Toll Free Conferencing Rates (2010)

Author: Lee Simonson

Here are the new international toll free conference call rates which enable you to call from these countries into our conference bridges.  Easy, convenient and yes, a very nice professional service to offer your associates, customers or prospects.  These rates are in cents per minute and are for reservationless conferencing.  Operator assisted calls (when we dial out to international countries) are priced higher.

Cents per minute (U.S.)
Austria  15
Belgium   15
Brazil  23
China  50
Denmark  38
France  16
Germany  15
Holland  16
Ireland   15
Italy  17
Japan  40
Mexico  28
Poland  17
Spain   17
Sweden  15
Switzerland   18
Taiwan   24
Thailand  26
UK  15