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  • Brazil Conference Call Service Provider: Toll Free Access from South America

    Author: Lee Simonson


    We can provide you a Brazil conference call service that would enable participants in Brazil to dial a toll free number to access a conference bridge in the United States.  Other parties in the U.S., or from around the world, would be able to access the same conference by dialing a different toll free or non-toll free numbers.
    Because Brazil is a major market, teleconferences involving business deals, agreements and transactions are on the increase and expected to rise dramatically in the next 5 years.
    If you are interested in ordering the Brazil service, just go to our Pay-As-You-Go page and sign up with a notation at the bottom of the order form that you want to have a "Brazil toll free number included" in the order.  We'll take care of the rest.
    The cost to host a conference call and offer Brazilian participants with toll-free access is 30 cents (U.S.) per minute, per person.  Callers in the U.S. can call toll free into the same conference bridge for only 7.9 cents per minute, per person.  Or, callers in the U.S. and other places around the world can dial a non-toll free number for 5.9 cents per minute, per person.
    The service is easy and free to set up and is provided on pay-as-you-go basis.  Your credit card is charged after you complete your call.  There are no monthly minimums and you can cancel the service at any time since there are no long-term contracts.
    Doing business with Brazil just got a little easier and convenient.  So if you are looking to put that next deal together, get your conference bridge service and have your first call today.
  • Telephone Town Hall Service: Political, Non-Profit and Corporate Outreach

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Telephone town hall services are provided to candidates, office holders, non-profit organizations, and corporations, to reach out to thousands of people simultaneously.  It is the only interactive technology available that can mass-invite and accommodate large numbers of people to paticipate in a super-teleconference.
    You can learn more about telephone town hall meetings at our sister-company, Monarch Broadcast Messaging, here:
    Town hall teleconferences bring the benefits of live interactive town hall meetings to the comfort of homes and offices.  Rather than a physical town hall meeting that involves scheduling, reservations, and traveling for all participants, a telephone town hall meeting can be set up easily using advanced teleconferencing technology.
    The service is used by elected officials and candidates who are interested in staying in touch with the voters and by non-profits to inform their membership of latest news and to take questions about policy issues and developments.
    Targeting Your Audience
    The advantage of the service is that it can be set up quickly, easily and everyone can participate, regardless of the weather, without leaving the comfort of their home or office.  The teleconference can invite individuals who use both landline or cell phones and includes several optional features such as Q&A and instant polling capabilities.  While physical town hall meetings have a limited seating capability, seating at most several hundred people, telephone town hall meetings can accommodate anywhere from several thousand to upwards of a hundred thousand people at a time.  It is the only technology that has the ability to interactively connect that many people at once.
    Not only does the technology provide a tremendous convenience for the leaders and listeners, but the leaders can select and target the exact constituencies they are interested in engaging. For instance, a leader who is interested in discussing issues that involve senior citizens, can set up the town hall teleconference to call only senior citizens. Invitations are sent out by phone calls which are automatically delivered by the thousands every minute. Those who answer the phones at home receive a recorded message that invites them to participate and join the teleconference by pressing their keypad. If they are not interested, they can just hang up. The entire process is opt-in, and leaders can effectively get tens of thousands of interested participants on the teleconference in minutes.
    Calling Out With Invite to Participate
    The telephone town hall conference starts when the system begins dialing the phones numbers on your call list.  Each recipient hears a brief recorded message that invites them to your teleconference.  Should they choose to participate, they only need to stay on the line to be put into the conference.  For calls that go to voicemail, rather than a live answer, your recorded message will be left indicating the nature of the call.
    Interactive:  Q & A Empowers Participants to Be Involved
    Your participants can press "0" to indicate they would like to ask a question, and they will be put into a question queue.  You will be able to see the name and location of every individual in the Q&A queue, and will control who and when they will talk live and be heard by everyone on the call.  Should you need  information about the question topic, a member of your team can momentarily pull the caller out of the conference to get additional information, and then return them to the teleconference.
    Feeling the Pulse:  Instant Polling and Surveys 
    You also have the option to conduct a survey or poll with everyone on the teleconference, by posing questions and having participants input their answers by pressing keys on their keypad.  (For example, "If you are in favor of lower taxes, press #1.  If you are in favor of higher taxes, press #2.)  Response results are immediately available to you, and also recorded in a database record for each participant.
    Additional Follow-Up
    Any individual that didn't get the opportunity to ask their question can be transferred to voicemail, at your discretion, to pose their question or leave comments.  Those messages and the appropriate contact information are recorded and sent to you or your designated representative for further action.
    No Hardware or Software to Buy
    The system is already in place so there is no need to buy any hardware of software to begin using the service and there is no set up fee.  It's all done online and billing is done on a pay as you go basis and there are no overhead or maintenance costs.
    Telephone town hall services will continue to grow in popularity because it is the best way to reach thousands of people instantly at a fraction of what postage would cost to send direct mail. But more importantly, you can actually stay ahead of the informational curve and get the proper information out those people whose opinions count, while interacting with them in personal way.  At present, it's the best way to establish a relationship with your constituents and/or members.
    For more information on telephone town hall services, click here:
  • Deposition Conference Call Service: Law Firm / Legal Conference

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Deposition conference call services for law firms are becoming increasingly popular for legal discussions and negotiations among attorneys and their clients because they save a tremendous amount of time and expense.  What used to take several hours can now be condensed on a conference call in a fraction of the time.  Better yet, attorneys never have to leave their offices.
    You can get more information on how deposition and legal conference calls work right here:
    Most of the teleconferences are conducted with professoinal operator management.  The operators call out to each party on the call at a given time and put each party into the conference.  Court reporters are also on the call as well, recording and transcribing the proceedings.  The process is particularly useful when parties are scattered all over the country and not in the same geographic location, thus saving travel expenses.  Many lawyers are opting to just sit at their desks and depose the parties over the phone.  It's easier, much faster, and the results are the same.
    Legal phone conference services are rapidly gaining acceptance as a reliable and convenient way to build cases for both the plantiffs and defendants and will be used more and more in the future.
    Many prominent law firms host sophisticated video conference facilities.  These facilities can cost upwards of tens of thouasnds of dollars and require the support of a full time technician.  But with the advent of broadband Internet connections and miniature webcams, those facitilies are now quickly becoming obsolete.  Moreover, they are useless of an opposing attorney doesn't have access to similar facility.
    Today, everyone can easily participate in a video conference just sitting in front of their computer with a $45 webcam and an inexpensive video conference service that is connected to their audio teleconference.  (Users can still talk on the phone, but can also view each other on their computers as well.  Sometimes it is referred to as "desktop conferencing.")  You can get more information video conferencing here:
    Still, 95% of the deposition conferences are conducted over the phone and that seems to be the preferred method at the present time since there is universal access to telephones and no special hardware is needed.  It's the simplest approach and can be set up quickly and easily.
    There are no set up fees and generally speaking, billing is done on a pay as you go basis.  You only pay for the time on the system you actually use.  This is an ideal method of payment, especially for occasional users.
    One big advantage to using a professional legal conference service is that each party can be billed separately, thus saving one law firm the trouble of allocating expenses among a couple or several different firms.  Quite simply, everyone gets their own separate bill -- it's called "individualized billing."  The procedure it very simple:  The opposing law firms each set up a conference account.  Once the account is opened, the coordinating law firm informs the service of the time the call will take place.  We will then dial-out and call each participant, or the participants can call into a toll free number themselves.  Either way, the conference service will have an operator organizing the call to make sure all the parties are present.
    Each law firm is billed separately for its portion of the cost for the deposition conference call.  So it is no longer necessary for one law firm to send another law firm an invoice.  Each law firm is billed, and each law firm pays its own share of the conference expense directly to the conference service.
    While court reporters are on the conference to record the call for future transcript, the calls can also be digitally recorded for download.
    Overall, because of the speed and convenience of conducting depositions over the phone, you'll see more and more law offices adopting this method to expedite cases. Travel costs will be cut dramatically and lawyers will be able to use their time more productively.
    For more information on how to set up a legal deposition conference call, you click here for a service that specializes in this field:
  • Toll Free Conference Call Service Company: U.S. & Canadian Access

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Toll free conference bridge services are readily available and can save businesses and organizations a substantial amount of money because there is no need to buy expensive conference hardware or software. In fact, most conference vendors do not charge a start up fee, and you can use the service on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can get set up in a manner of minutes to begin using toll free conferencing.
    There are two types of toll free conferencing services:
    1)  Pay-As-You-Go Toll Free Conferencing:  You are charged after your conference call  service for the exact number of minutes you use.  The rate is 7.9 cents per minute, per person.  So, 10 people on the phone conference for 10 minutes would equal 100 minutes or $7.90.  This a good solution if your conference usage is sporadic or spikes.  You don't want to pay for conferencing services you may not use.
    This option includes all incoming conference calls from the United States and Canada.  Depending on the set-up, you would be charged on a credit card, and sent a receipt.
    The advantages of this option include only paying for what you use -- no more or less. And if there are some months you are not conferencing at all, there is no cost. That's why this option is ideal for the occasional or casual user.
    2)  Supersaver Toll Free (modeled after cell phone plans where you pre-pay for a certain number of discounted minutes):  Here you get a discounted "bucket of minutes" every month.  For example, 1200 minutes for $59, which equates to a little less than 4 cents per minute, per user.  This is ideal if you have a good idea of how many minutes you each other.
    This conference plan is very similar to how cell phone plans operate, when you buy a certain amount of minutes each month and pay for them whether you use them or not. Some refer to this as a "bucket plan" since you get a bucket of minutes.
    This option is ideal if you are regular user and have a general idea of how many conference minutes per month you will use. When you break down the per minute pricing, this option is much less expensive than the pay-as-you-go per minute plans. Even if you overestimate the number of minutes you will use, you can still save money. But then again, you will be billed for the bucket of minutes you buy, whether you use them or not.
    Overall, you should remember that there is no such thing as "free toll free conferencing." Every vendor in the conference business charges for toll free service. Businesses and organizations enjoy toll free conferencing services because it provides customers, prospects and associates a convenient way to collaborate without the cost of dialing a long distance number. It may be more expensive than regular toll conferencing, but offering conference participants a toll free number provides a level of professionalism and shows everyone that you take your conference meetings seriously and that the discussions are important to you.
    Toll free conference bridge services will continue to increase in popularity in the future because of how much time and money they save the participants. What would normally take an afternoon in getting everyone together can be accomplished in just a few minutes by meeting on the phone, rather than in person.
    You can get more valuable information about 800 toll free conferencing options by calling us at 877-254-2424 and having one of our friendly associates help you choose the best option for your situation.
  • Philadelphia (215) Conference Call Service Company Provider: Local Dial-In Number

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Philadelphia conference calls, using a 215 area code bridge service, are now being provided for those interested in obtaining a local Philadelphia access conference number.
    The cost to use the Philadelphia (215) service is 2.9 cents per minute, per person -- a rate that is much less than traditional conference calling.  Not only can Philadelphians cut their conference call expenses dramatically, but at the same time they can enjoy the convenience of having a local dial-in number, that cuts both long distance and toll free costs.
    Starting your teleconferencing service, also called "Local Meet Me," is easy and fast.  Best of all there are no start-up costs and you'll enjoy a pay-as-you-go format that only charges you for service used, after you use it.  The conference system is open to you 24/7 and there is no need to make reservations.  You'll have your own passcodes to use whenever you need to conference.  (Your passcodes will stay the same, until you want to change them for any reason.)
    While having a local Philadelphia number is a tremendous convenience for conference participants in and around Philly, the number can also be used for calls around the United States, or even around the world for internationally hosted conference calls.
    For companies wanting to use web and video conferencing, the same number can also be used to host the audio portion of the conference, while participants can watch their monitors and follow along with the web conference.
    As of now, we believe we are the only conference provider offering a local Philadelphia number for teleconferences and look forward to serving your business or organization.  We can provide you any number of separate passcodes for different associates or departments to enable you to keep track of usage and allocate costs.  Call us today at 877-254-2424 to get set up quickly -- we can usually have your account set up in less than 30 minutes.
  • Cost Per Minute Conference Call: Rates For Different Conference Services

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Per minute costs and rates for conference calls can vary widely, depending on what kind of conference service you have.  For example:

    Flat rate and fixed rate services are available for a low flat monthly rate regardless of how many minutes you use.  The service offers unlimited service and you conference whenever you want, however long you want.  The downside is that if you don't use the service, you still have the monthly flat fee.  Also, this is not a toll free service and users will dial a long distance number.  

    A variation of that is the Toll Free Supersaver plan which works just like your cell phone plan -- you buy a certain number of toll free minutes each month.  The upside is that this service is the least expensive way to provide toll free convenience for your participants.  The downside is that you have to pay for the minutes you don't use.

    The Pay As You Go conference call services are simple and straight forward.  You only pay for the conferencing services you use, AFTER you use them.  You can calculate your costs by simply multiplying your per minute rate for the total number of conference minutes you use.  For example, 10 people on a conference call for 10 minutes equals 100 total conference minutes.  Pay As You Go rates will vary depending on the what service you use.  Using a toll free number for your conference calls will cost slightly more than using a non-toll free number.  The most inexpensive Pay As You Go service is called Local Access, or Local Meet Me, which enables you to dial a local number in major cities.  So, if you are in New York City, you can dial a New York City number, and your colleagues in Chicago or Los Angeles can dial local numbers in their respective cities, and you will all end up talking on the same conference bridge.  Even if you don't live an a major city, using Local Access conferencing is about the cheapest form or conference calling you can use.  (There are free services available, but many times users experience blocked access. If you are a professional or business organization, the reliability of a paid conference service is highly recommended.)

    At the top of the conferencing world is operated managed conference calls.  These are for important calls when you need the services of a professionally trained operator to call each of the participants and place them into the conference bridge.  Corporations use these operator conference call services all the time, particularly with investor relation calls, media calls or crisis updates.

    Call us today at 877-254-2424 and we'll get you set up with the plan that will be the most cost effective one that meets your particular needs.

  • 2011 International Toll Free Conferencing Rates: Including Brazil, England, China

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Here are the international toll free conferencing rates for 2011.  So if you have associates or clients in any of these countries, they only need to dial the toll free number seen here, put in their passcodes, and start conferencing.  (The rates are calculated in U.S. dollars.)
    Calling From:      Toll Free        U.S. cents per
                                 Number      minute/per person
    Austria                 080010259235         .15
    Australia              1800997805             .17
    Belgium               080050678               .15
    Brazil                   08008922122           .23
    China                   108001401423          .50
    Denmark              080886433               .38
    France                  0800941501             .16
    Germany              08001803983            .15
    Holland                08002659019            .16
    Ireland                 1800944602              .15
    Italy                     800789704                .17
    Japan                   00531161074             .40
    Mexico                018006819522           .28
    Poland                 800781033                .17
    Russia                 88001009294             .22
    South Africa        0800999092               .50
    Spain                   0900800561              .17
    Sweden               200125731                 .15
    Switzerland         0800121040               .18
    Taiwan                00801127242             .24
    Thailand              0018001562067069    .26
    UK                      08003680590             .15


  • Low Cost Conference Calls: Toll-Free, Local Access, Flat Rate Conferencing

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Low cost conference calling is available in a variety of formats ranging from unlimited calling on our flat rate service, to full service operator assisted calls.  It is important to choose the right conference calling plan to meet your particular needs.  Here is a quick summary of the different plans, all of which are popular for the niches they serve:
    Flat Rate/Fixed Rate Conferencing offers you unlimited usage for one low fee per month.  You can use the conference bridge as much as you want, anytime you want, and only pay one fixed rate.  This is ideal for heavy users, who can get their conferencing costs down to next to nothing on a per minute basis.  The only downside is that conference participants dial a long distance number to access the bridge.  If you have free long distance (on your cell phone as an example) this would be a perfect solution.
    Local Access Conferencing provides an extremely low rate per minute, based on a pay-as-you-go format.  If you are in one of our 84 cities across the United States and Canada that are covered by one of our acccess numbers, you can just call a local number and get into your conference without the added expense of dialing a toll free or long distance number.  This is the preferred conference solution for companies or organizations that have a lot of conference calls within a certain geographic area, or who have customers or colleagues in other large cities.
    Toll Free Pay-As-You-Go Conferencing is just that -- you and your participants dial a toll free number to access your conference bridge and you are billed on the number of callers and minutes you use.  The beauty of this plan is that you are only billed for what you use, when you use it, so if there is an extended period of time you are not conferencing, don't worry.  Better yet, there are no set up fees, and no monthly minimums.  And it is reservationless which means that it is available to you 24/7 anytime you need to host a conference.
    Operator Conference Calls are the choice for high level conferences that need professional assistance.  For your important high profile conference calls, our operators can call each of your participants and place them into the conference at the appointed time.  Your participants don't have to do anything except answer the phone.  Our trained operators can also introduce each person as they enter the conference, and also record the conference as well.
    There are other conferencing plans too -- legal deposition conferencing and web video conferencing are two examples.  Give us a call today and let us help you pick the low cost conferencing plan that's right for you and your organization.  We can even create hybrid plans that are custom made for your particular needs.
  • Houston Conference Call Service Provider and Number

    Author: Lee Simonson


    Our conference call service provides Houston callers with a local access number: 832-280-0991.  Now your colleagues and clients can call into the conference bridge without the need or expense of dialing a toll free or long distance number.
    Houston teleconferencers can enjoy the convenience of local access while providing participants a professoinal level of service with the highest quality conference technology on the market today.  You can even tell your Houston associates, prospects or clients that you have "your own" conference bridge -- because, in effect, your account gives you access rights defined by your exclusive passcodes.  So, just like a timeshare, you can have your own Houston conference service.
    However, unlike a timeshare, there are NO upfront costs or set up fees.  You can get access to the Houston bridge for free, and then, you are only billed for what you use, when you use it.  It is a pay-as-you-go conference service for the very low rate of 5.9 cents per minute, per person -- far less than you would normally pay for phone conferencing.
    Moreover, there are no long term commitments or contracts or complicated terms of service.  In fact, if you stop using the service, you never hear from us again.  Nothing has ever been more convenient or "customer friendly" and you also have complete access to real customer service representatives -- yes, live people who answer the phone and can help you immediately.
    Telephone conferencing has become a staple in business and non-profits who are looking to shave meeting and travel costs.  And it's evolving and getting better all the time.  That's why if you are looking for the best Houston phone conferencing service -- a reliable and cheap conferencing solution -- we can help you get started today.
    You learn more about this service on our Pay as You Go conferencing page here. If you order, just put in the comment box on the order page, "Sign me up for the 832 area code access number."
  • Cost of Conference Calls: How Rates and Plans Differ

    Author: Lee Simonson

    The cost of conference call services can vary dramatically depending on the kind of service you use.  There are a number of different services available ranging from the top-of-the-line operator managed calls to flat and fixed rate conferencing.  That's why it is important to determine what plan works best for you.  If you look at the top of this webpage, you'll see several different conference services and each of those pages will display the rates for that service.

    However, the information just below can give you a starting point when it comes to choosing a phone conference call service:

    IF you do a lot of conferencing and it is not important for you to have a toll-free dial in number then your best conferencing bet is to use Flat and Fixed Rate Conferencing.  This will give you unlimited conference calls for one low flat monthly rate -- as low as $15 a month.  You can talk as much as you want, anytime you want.

    IF having a toll-free access number to your conference is important because you will be using it for prospects or customers or external associates, then you are best advised to use the Toll Free Pay As You Go Service.  The cost of this is 7.9 cents per min./per person and you are only billed for what you use, when you use it.  It provides the convenience of a toll free number 

    IF you are an occasional user and a toll-free access number is not important to you, then you should get the Non-Toll Free Pay As You Go conference option.  Everyone on your call will dial a non-toll free number (just a regular long distance number) to get into the conference.  This is very popular since most everyone has free long distance on their cell phone, or residential phone.  (And most work places have free long distance bundled with their local service as well.)  So, there is no reason to pay more for a toll free numbers if a regular non-toll free number can work as well.

    IF are in a large city and most of your conferencing is done with people in the same city, or another large city, you should consider a conference call plan that enables you to dial a local number.  For example, your people in New York City could dial a New York City conference number, and your people in Los Angeles could dial an LA number, and everyone would end up in the same conference.  This is a very convenient and cost effective way to connect with people -- much less expensive than using a toll free numbers. It's called Local Access Conference Calling.

    IF you have a conference call coming up that is critically important and/or you are using it for a legal deposition or law firm, you may want to get an Operator Managed service that provides the highest of quality and convenience.  You and your colleagues don't have to call in -- in fact, we call you.  Our trained professionals will call each person on your list and place them into the conference call at the appointed time.  Our operators can also introduce each person as they are placed in the conference. Again, this is for high-level and high profile conference calls where you need the best service available in the conference world.

    That is a quick review and summary of conference services and why the conference rates and prices may vary widely.  The key is to find the best service that meets your particular needs.  We are always available online or on the phone to help you with your options to insure that you are getting the right service at the right price.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and let's get you set up for your first conference call today.